Get Your Basement Finished STRESS FREE


We enjoy taking unfinished basements and creating beautiful and functional spaces within your home.

We believe the key to any successful basement project begins with a creative design. An effective design can create value and excitement, while developing a cozy and warm new addition to your home.

In the design process, we work closely with you to understand your goals and ideas. We then design the basement that suits your needs.

Our services include the following:

Home theatres

Looking to get a movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own home?

Home theatres will usually include wall sconces, raised floor, dimmer lights, and project screen, all within an enclosed room.


The creation of a bar in your basement makes for an awesome “focal point”. Bars are not just for serving alcohol. They can be used as kitchenette for serving snacks. Add a microwave, bar fridge, and dishwasher to accommodate all your food and beverage service needs. Our bars and kitchens are custom-built to suit your needs. They are hand-crafted by our cabinet maker and are “furniture-grade” quality.


Kitchens are central to any home and having a well-designed and beautiful kitchen important whether it is for your personal use, or for friends or family staying over. Our staff can help you with all the details from flooring, cabinets to even carving right the right spaces out if you have appliances already in mind. We can include all the amenities of a kitchen without ever feeling like it isn’t your primary kitchen.


With a bathroom, basement can become an apartment for friends or family who stay overnight. The extra shower is also useful for easing the “morning rush hour” when the family is getting for work and school.